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  1. Airway Management in Patients with Prolonged Ventilation
  • Problems Related to Prolonged Intubation and Ventilation
  • Risk and Complication of Prolonged Ventilation
  • Decision Making Between Tracheostomy and PDT
  1. Anatomy and Physiology of Airway
  • Anatomy, Vascularisation, and Innervation of Upper and Lower Airway
  • Physiology of Airway
  • Related Structure of Airway
  1. Indication and Contraindication in PDT
  • Indication of PDT
  • Relative and Absolute Contraindication
  • Risk and Complication
  1. Skill Station
  • Landmarks Identification of Airway
  • PDT Technique on Goat
  1. PDT Technique: Hands on
  2. PDT and Tracheostomy Care : Concerns on PDT and Tracheostomy Care
  3. Complication of PDT and Tracheostomy : Early and Late Complications
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